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NielsRigholt-150x150Niels Righolt is Head of Development at the Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture (DCAI/CKI), Copenhagen, and Chairman of the board at TrAP – Transnational Arts Production, Oslo.

Since 1993 he has worked as a teacher, PR-coordinator, Head of Information, Producer, Artistic Director, Cultural Political Developer, Cultural Consultant, Managing Director and Political Advisor within a variety of cultural institutions and organizations.
Niels has worked for the K96 (Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe), the Municipality of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen as a Political Advisor and as Head of Information for the cultural department.

He has been Chief Curator and producer for Møstings Hus & Byggeriets Hus, Copenhagen and was co-founder of the intercultural magazine Cultures. As Managing and Artistic Director of the Dunkers Arts Centre in Helsingborg, Sweden Niels Righolt was responsible for programming and strategic relations within the frame of one of Swedens major cultural institutions.

For years Niels was a member of the transregional danish-swedish culture forum at the Øresunds Commitee. At present Niels Righolt is a board member of The Platform for Intercultural Europe (Bruxelles), The Dance Action Node Sweden in Stockholm, The Nordic Forum of Interculture in Stockholm and Dansehallerne in Copenhagen.

Niels Righolt has a background in Literature, Modern Culture & Cultural Communication and Spanish Culture & Language from the University of Copenhagen.




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