The operative team

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALNAAAAJGJhOGNiZWMxLWIxMTctNGY1OC1hNWZmLWNhNTZiN2MyNjlkZQDiego Luis Morales took care of the coordination of all the presentations, on stage issues and everything related to the Host and the Flow of the Conference. Always ready to adjust everything in few minutes, for the audience to have the best inputs and timely reflections.


0c41288Joan Miquel Piqué has been taking care for the Conference to deliver coherent, timely and quality content. He lived to and for the Conference to be as attractive as fruitful. Coordinating all the multimedia and documents.


34dd4f7143674aNúria Marsal & Núria Ponce have been dealing with all the logistics of the conference: flights, accomodation, transfers, and always flexible for every last minute and unexpected issues. They have been in the shadow for the more than 200 people involved in the Conference, for everything to be smooth and surprisingly easy.


2cd9026Sandra Bautista has been the link and the glue between Interarts and everyone involved one way or the other in the Conference. Endless coordination and uncountable versions of everything, including remarkable doses of effort and patience.


0725e7bVerònica Platas has been in charge of all the organization, taking care that everything is at the right place in the right moment, for the comfort of the speakers, attendants, and everyone involved in the final conference. Impossible to escape of her.



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