The flow

Why? According to the LogFrame, and specifically linked to Activity 5 of the Results and Deliverables block 4 (R4A5), the project will organize a “Final public conference in Barcelona for dissemination of project outputs and outcomes to a wider public. The conference will be organised by the project coordinating partner, Interarts, and actively involve all project partners”.
 Where? Barcelona
 When? The conference could take place in any of the the following suggested dates:·       30th June 2015 – 2nd– July 2015
 Who? Organised by the project coordinating partner, Interarts, all the partners of the project will be actively involved. The audience will consist of 200 participants, mixing the project community, international experts, local and regional institutions representatives, local and Spanish stakeholders, media, and citizenship linked to the analysed field.
 How? The language of the conference will be English. Translation to Spanish will be provided.


Going on with the dialogue…

After the development, during the project, of the benchmarking tool, the map of the status quo of diversity management in public cultural institutions in 5 EU countries, the pilot research, and the 4 types of Learning Partnerships, this is a timely moment to put everything in common and continue with the dialogue, from 3 different perspectives:

  1. Generate joint knowledge of the project, informing and feeding a debate among all the project partners and teams, in an agile and flexible way in order for everyone to be part of the conclusions and results.
  1. Disseminate and discuss outputs and outcomes of the project with a wider audience of experts, media, institutions and citizenship.
  1. Make one step further to deliver a final agreement or declaration of the project in order to contribute to the academic, methodological, social and policy debate in our field. This is link to one of the Actions described as “Conversion of project outputs into advocacy positions for the EU structured dialogue with civil society on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue”.
The flow

It is becoming harder to keep an audience present, interested and active during 2-day events, especially when it comes to effectively communicate about technical and complex issues. When intending to have relevant impact and address a promotion on professional networks and stakeholders, while favouring networking and the creation of new links to enhance knowledge and policies, it is needed to find such an agile program in which every participant can be engaged and active. The conference, in this sense, should flow through the different parts and contents in a way everyone could fluently learn and contribute.

The show

According to this concept, we define the Final Conference as talk-show-like event, flowing through the different sessions combining interviews, debates, and informative multimedia content (videos, contributions, opinions, documentary pieces, etc.). Thus, the program will be almost completely transformed into a script. The event will be completely broadcasted by streaming video.

The layout

The event will be organised like a TV set, and there will be a host for the whole “show”, introducing different parts and moderating the contents and debates.

The venue

According to the concept and development above presented, we consider the venue should comply with 2 principal requirements:

  1. To be linked in some way with the field which MCP Broker has developed.
  1. To suit the idea and layout described.





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